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The Role Of ISO Controls In Quality Assurance

The Role Of ISO Controls In Quality Assurance

The problem is not that testing is the bottleneck. The problem is that you don’t know what’s in the bottle. That’s a problem that testing addresses. Michael Bolton

ISO controls can play a vital role in assuring the quality of your business. Are you have ISO certifications for your business, if not; then must ensure the proper implementation of ISO controls. The most commonly used ISO tools are ISO 27001 and 27002. These controls are primarily related to the security and quality assurance of a business process and help owners to improve the quality of their services. You can hire the services of a software testing company for the proper implementation of these quality controls. Both certifications have their own benefits and help to refine the overall business standards. Continue reading “The Role Of ISO Controls In Quality Assurance”


Maintaining The Quality of Dailymotion App

Dailymotion App testingNow, it’s time for you to watch your favorite video content through a most impressive and perfectly crafted app renowned as Dailymotion. Thousands of users have installed this app on their smartphone to discover and watch videos of any genre.  This specific app required to be perfectly tested out with the help of a software testing company having years of experience in quality assurance. Mobile apps testing of this app can really certify the huge amount of benefits in terms of quality assurance and performance management in ending output. As a mobile app user, you can achieve the following benefits through Dailymotion App. Continue reading “Maintaining The Quality of Dailymotion App”

QA Protocols for Project Scheduling Software

software-testing-services-kualitatemProject scheduling software are now the most important part of growth strategy for business firms in order to perfectly schedule their routine activities. These could be used as a mobile based financial tool, client based management system or a customized scheduling software installed by the multinational firms to perform desired tasks. Project managers love to use scheduling software as data management and recording are their best improvised features. All the project scheduling software required to be tested out in a timely fashion with the help of a software testing services providers, otherwise desired quality in performance cannot be achieved. The most advanced project scheduling software are Continue reading “QA Protocols for Project Scheduling Software”

Hire Kualitatem to Implement Fully Advanced Software Testing Frameworks

software-testing-servicesSoftware testing and quality assurance for every IT program is mandatory and has to be carried out with   a sustainable approach. Development houses has to make it sure, that quality of their developed software and IT programs are perfectly rectified with the help of a software testing company. Kualitatem is there for all of them to establish optimum level proficiency and reliability in desired results. They are ranked among the top 10 independent software quality assurance companies, whom have the ability to identify desired quality out of a software. Kualitatem as a leading QA company, deliver automation testing, functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, responsive testing and platform compatibility testing. For software testing analysts at Kualitatem; “Quality is state of mind”.  As a most optimized and fully advanced software testing services firm, Kualitatem has served more than 2000 global clients.   Continue reading “Hire Kualitatem to Implement Fully Advanced Software Testing Frameworks”

Testing is Essential for amoCRM Software

amocrm-software-testingTesting has to be carried out in a consistent and precise way. amoCRM management software is basically a web based platform available for sales management. It  help users to produce an analyst feedback report. In addition to it, users of this software can make a perfect enhancement in sales by integrating it with an open APIs. Testing of that particular software is essential that has to be conducted in a timely fashion otherwise desired expected quality cannot be achieved. Software testing company has the perfect testing artifacts and tools to configure out the bugs and vulnerabilities attached to a particular IT program like amoCRM. Testing services providers use these following test mechanisms to detect vulnerabilities from a particular infrastructure.

Continue reading “Testing is Essential for amoCRM Software”

Quality Assurance Protocols for Apptivo Software

Quality Assurance Protocols for Apptivo Software

Sustaining the quality of their developed software has to be the aim of any software development house. To identify and remove any attached bugs & vulnerabilities to a software they have to establish a department that works to maintain quality of developed programs & software. For that purpose they have to hire professional QA tester team so as to analyze accuracy in performance quality. Apptivo is a fully integrated web based suite especially designed to help small as well as medium sized organization around the globe to maintain perfect customer relationship. Users of this software will also get an app with that software to ensure that each and every aspect of   customer relationship management is covered & seen on their phones.  Development team has to make it sure that Apptivo must perform well as per its desired expectation.   Opportunity management & customer management are its top best features & so in case if any inefficiency will occur in its performance it will decrease overall customer   reliability. Continue reading “Quality Assurance Protocols for Apptivo Software”