Use Kualitee for Optimized Test Management

Software Testing ToolsSoftware testing tools help developers to assure overall quality of their developed IT products on all available devices and platforms. Software test management of any software or an app is not an easy process, it requires systematic tools and precise analysis measures to accomplish overall perfection and accuracy in results. Among all the available test management tools, Kualitee is the most effective and fully reliable test analysis tool to establish overall perfection and accuracy in results. Software testing professionals of a software testing company love to use Kualitee, as it’s the most effective and fully effective testing tool.  It delivers the following test analysis benefits to all of its users.

  • Kualitee has a beautiful test analysis interface, which makes testing a full of fun activity.
  • As a tester, you will receive instant alerts of any testing changes through notification while using Kualitee as a testing tool.
  • You can create roles with a certain set of privileges and assign roles to the each member of QA testing team. The default roles could be as
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Test Manager
  • Admin Tenant
  • Kualitee is a perfectly certified SSL encrypted testing tool, with the highest level of security features.
  • Yes, it’s always difficult to make a product stable in a one testing cycle. Kualitee gives the full control to all of its users to run multiple tests. It delivers the enhanced maturity at the time of any application release.
  • Kualitee workflow is very intuitive and helps to maintain proper documentation and reports of all the activities.
  • The reason why Kualitee is rated high among the most efficient test management tools is because of its hassle free reporting.
  • You can easily monitor the bug history with multiple information pointers. Kualitee gives you the lesser focus visibility by checking out the stability status any time as per your estimation.
  • As a tester, you can achieve hassle free environment of testing and can export your work in PDF and Word format.
  • Kualitee is the most effective JIRA Integration tool out there. With simple setup selection, you can create custom designed test fields and integrate these more properly according to your test nature.
  • Kualitee stress-free testing environment allows testing professionals to manage their test life cycle without any added cost of software or hardware. You just have to simply sign in and perform your testing.






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