Top Of The Line BI Tools and Their Quality Assurance

Business intelligence tools allow its users to create dashboard visual analysis reports and data mash up investigation to ensure overall performance standards for a long lasting period. It’s the responsibility of every BI tools developer to assure quality of their developed programs by hiring a software testing services company. Quality of a software can only be achieved by implementing fully advanced automation test approaches. Automation testing is more resourceful and result oriented as compared to manual testing. Manual testing always takes time to complete and it’s a laborious process.  Following are the top most BI Tools used by the thousands of multinational firms all across the globe.

  • Dundas BI
  • Sisense
  • Style Intelligence
  • IntelliFront BI
  • Yellowfin
  • Sage Live
  • Looker

The Positive Aspect of Automation Testing For BI Tools

Obviously, Automation testing is the most advanced and modernized way of achieving quality over the period of time.  BI tools will only perform well, when these have to be analyzed in a consistent fashion without any major lapse of time. Software testing services provider companies employ Selenium (C/C++, C#, .NET, Java, Visual Basic, Python and PHP.), Borland SilkTest, HP UFT/QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Monkeytalk, Robotium, Rational Robot and Telerik Test Studio tools to maintain the actual level of performance possessed by a specific software via automation testing.

The process of automation test analysis is a comprehensive one and it consist on five unique testing frameworks, which is as follows.

  • Automation assessment phase includes understanding of business requirements and technology tool section.
  • Planning phase includes tool installation and configuration
  • Automation and optimization phase include framework implementation and script preparation
  • Execution phase includes test case execution and results capturing
  • Final step of automation testing involve defect and error reporting

Software test analysis procedures are mandatory to assure overall performance quality and accuracy of any BI Tools for a long lasting period. Any BI tool mentioned in the list of above software will only perform well when it will be tested out with the help of software testing services Provider Company. Without any doubt, automation testing is the best approach to assure quality. It’s not only save cost but as well as save overall development time.  A specified amount of testing budget should be allocate by the development teams to assure quality of their developed BI Tools.


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