Find Bugs By Using Bug Management Tools

bug-tracking-toolsThroughout the development process, it’s always important for the developers to assure overall performance quality by implementing bug management tools. QA services firms all around the globe love to employ those bug management tools which help them to assure quality for a long lasting period of time.  Kualitee is the most effective and fully reliable testing tool which provide the full control to use and execute tests. You can choose test case and reuse them for their regression test analysis. It’s a state of the art quality assurance tool that is available in four different price categories (Community, silver, Gold, Enterprise). You can create your test modules, test cases and test scenarios with the help of Kualitee.  QA services firms and software testing analyst around the globe prefer to use Kualitee so as to accomplish preciseness in testing results.

Key Features of Kualitee as a Bug Management Tools

Kualitee is a perfectly developed testing tool, which provide some great unique benefits in comparison to other available bug management tools. It deliver the following benefits.

  • Kualitee deliver customizable test fields as per the requirement of any specific test project. By using it, you can make copies and save temples of your test projects.
  • It allow QA services firms to create test case templates and reuse these for further testing, and in result save their time.
  • Kualitee help you to attach important screenshots and link them with their test cases. Kualitee makes a software fully understandable and comparable.
  • You can create customized test reports in Kualitee so as to keep the track record of your test coverage, test cases and references.
  • Its SDK feature is the most advanced one, when it comes to reporting bugs. Other available bug management tools does not deliver that kind of benefit.
  • It’s powerfully designed dashboard gives you the quick status of all kinds of testing projects. You can easily report test case scenarios by just logging in.

In a net shall, Bug management tools are really vital to assure overall performance quality of a software. Kualitee is top of the list because it gives a laser focus visibility into your software application.  As a testing manager you can have enjoy the luxury of frequent reporting while using Kualitee as a testing tool. From micro to macro level, you can evaluate the details of each bug throughout the whole development process.


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