Hire Kualitatem to Implement Fully Advanced Software Testing Frameworks

software-testing-servicesSoftware testing and quality assurance for every IT program is mandatory and has to be carried out with   a sustainable approach. Development houses has to make it sure, that quality of their developed software and IT programs are perfectly rectified with the help of a software testing company. Kualitatem is there for all of them to establish optimum level proficiency and reliability in desired results. They are ranked among the top 10 independent software quality assurance companies, whom have the ability to identify desired quality out of a software. Kualitatem as a leading QA company, deliver automation testing, functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, responsive testing and platform compatibility testing. For software testing analysts at Kualitatem; “Quality is state of mind”.  As a most optimized and fully advanced software testing services firm, Kualitatem has served more than 2000 global clients.  

Kualitatem has a unique way of evaluating actual level of responsiveness and platform compatibility of a specific software. Their responsive testing is a winning combo of an automation and manual testing, allows software developers to perfectly launch their IT products in markets without any doubts.  Now more than 50% of the world’s population use smartphone devices to browse a website. QA analysts at Kualitatem make it sure that their client’s website is perfectly suitable for all available devices in markets. As the most proficient software testing services Provider Company, Kualitatem used the following test analysis process to rectify vulnerabilities during platform compatibility analysis.

  • Hardware testing
  • Operating system analysis
  • Removal of network vulnerabilities
  • Versions checking
  • Mobile devices testing
  • Browser Evaluation

Security & Penetration are there Most Advanced Testing Tools

With the passage of time, a particular software or IT program becomes more vulnerable and exposed to security threats, if optimized level security & penetration testing frameworks are not implemented after its release in market.  Kualitatem has designed fully optimized security assurance tools, which can help developers to sustain perfection in results. To accomplish optimized level security levels, they use testing artifacts whom are well certified by HP, IBM, McAfee and Symantec. Security Management of all IT related tools is of huge importance. Software testing services firm plays a vital role in maintaining the security of a software, and making it sure that it does not become the victim of any potential intruder. QA analysts at Kualitatem use the following security maintenance process.

As an IOT manager of your firm it’s your responsibility to keep on evaluating the quality of all installed devices and programs by getting testing services from a QA firm like Kualitatem.


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