Software Testing Companies in USA! See the List Right Now

Software Testing Companies in USA! See the List Right Now

Software testing is a comprehensive process which involves quality assurance, quality control, and test management frameworks to sustain the quality and reliability of a particular software. USA is the hub of science and technology. Over the years, Silicon Valley plays a vital role in software development by delivering some innovative designed IT products in the market. The need of software testing increase with the passage of time as the new development houses emerged over the years and flourished their business worldwide. Software testing companies in USA plays a significant role in maintaining the quality and desired efficiency of software.

Kualitatem:  Kualitatem is an award winning, pure play software testing company which involve in automation analysis, usability testing, functionality testing, platform compatibility analysis, penetration testing, and security analysis of software. Gartner (information research & advisory company) has ranked it among the top 10 software testing companies of the world.  They deliver their software testing services across all the main industry verticals like money & capital markets, digital media, and healthcare and government organizations. Kualitatem ranked first in the list of top software testing companies in USA.

BTC Technologies LLC: BTC Technologies LLC is an IT consultancy and software testing company involve in the performance of independent automation analysis of software. They have designed some unique and distinguish quality assurance frameworks which could establish desired quality of software. They ranked 2nd in the list of top software testing companies in the USA.

QualiTest Group:  QualiTest Group ranked third in the list of top most software testing businesses in United States.  Their software testing executives are well trained to find out the bugs and vulnerabilities out of software.  Properly designed mechanisms are there to evaluate the quality of software on reality based devices and platforms.

Apica: Apica is ranked 4th in the list of top software testing companies in USA.  They have a perfectly designed and developed load testing portal that is so helpful in attaining the desired quality of software. Developers of diverse nature programs can take advantage of their quality assurance protocols so as to retain the performance standards of their software for a sustainable period.

Amdocs:  Over the years, Amdocs has improved their quality assurance and quality control process for their worldwide clients.  Their software testing methodologies are the perfect blend of experience testing professionals and reality based testing tools. With a global clientele in more than twenty-five countries of the world, they ranked fifth in the list of software testing companies in USA.

Conclusion:  Software testing is an essential process that has to be carried out with a persistent approach. More than 38% of IT spending is now related to quality assurance and quality control of software, IT infrastructures, and programs which clearly shows its importance.


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