Why Penetration Testing Is Essential For An IT Infrastructure

Why Penetration Testing Is Essential For An IT Infrastructure

Pen test or Penetration testing basically an attempt to analyze the security of an IT infrastructure or program by exploiting expected vulnerabilities & threats. Any particular system or program might has to face numerous kinds of security inefficiencies or bugs which can reduce its overall desired performance and utility levels. Here is the list of some security flaws that might be attached to any information system if effective penetration testing is not carried out.

  • Operating system flaws
  • Services & application lags that leads to inefficiency in performance
  • Inappropriate IT configurations
  • Inferior security standard’s or approaches to cope with vulnerabilities

Once the vulnerabilities attached to a particular information system are assessed it will become easy for the system mangers to maintain the security standards of their program from potential intruders.

Why to Perform Penetration Testing

It’s always impossible to maintain the security standards of any information system by just only installing some basic security protocols. Organizations have to fulfill the requirements of safety by engaging security testing analysts to remove any kinds of vulnerabilities and threats attached to their Information systems. As per the recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute (2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis) “average cost of a data breach of a data breach for an affected company is now $3.5 million. Costs associated with the Target data breach that occurred in 2013 reached $148 million by the second quarter of 2014”. So it’s obvious that penetration testing can help any business around the globe to safe cost & improve business standards.

By evaluating out the networks, endpoints, external or internal business data security of any information system security is maintained by the penetration testing services providers. Penetration testing must be performed by a business on regular basis to ensure perfection in desired quality. If vulnerability assessment process hasn’t been carried out on a persistent basis then the users might have to make a decision to look for a new substitute related to same business service. A business must have to conduct penetration tests when ….

  • New software, programs or network infrastructure are added in business process
  • Existing programs or systems are upgraded after necessary modifications
  • Office locations related to business are added
  • Security patches are readdressed or redesign
  • Policies related with end user are modified
  • Course of business is related with financial industry

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