Month: August 2016

Why Penetration Testing Is Essential For An IT Infrastructure

Why Penetration Testing Is Essential For An IT Infrastructure

Pen test or Penetration testing basically an attempt to analyze the security of an IT infrastructure or program by exploiting expected vulnerabilities & threats. Any particular system or program might has to face numerous kinds of security inefficiencies or bugs which can reduce its overall desired performance and utility levels. Here is the list of some security flaws that might be attached to any information system if effective penetration testing is not carried out.

  • Operating system flaws
  • Services & application lags that leads to inefficiency in performance
  • Inappropriate IT configurations
  • Inferior security standard’s or approaches to cope with vulnerabilities

Once the vulnerabilities attached to a particular information system are assessed it will become easy for the system mangers to maintain the security standards of their program from potential intruders.

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How Software Testing Positively Transform Software Performance

How Software Testing Positively Transform Software Performance

It’s a fully integrated ERP software which helps construction industries to plan teams and build the desired architecture as per the needs and requirement of their clients. It could be arrayed locally on a server or hosted as a cloud. CMiC software comes with a complete and advanced set of accounting and costing tools so as to help managers to perform strong reporting and consolidation services. It has the features of job costing which enable accounting executives to link costing with billing items which help them to perform accurate and precise time and expense tracking. Its document control feature helps to close each project and organize the essential documents for each job.  This software requires permanent testing and evaluation and it could be only possible by getting the directions of software testing companies. Continue reading “How Software Testing Positively Transform Software Performance”

How Software Testing Helps To Detect Bugs And Vulnerabilities

3gtmsSoftware testing is the process of executing test on a particular program with the intention to find out bugs and vulnerabilities attached to it. This process signifies that, either a specific software meets the desired business and technical requirement necessary to accomplish desired output. Software testing must be considered as a continuous process rather than a single step activity. Transportation management software are now broadly used by the governments and bus station managers to provide perfect quality logistics and travelling services to passengers. 3G TMS perform as the forefront in transportation services and making it possible for their users to deliver the best quality transportation facilities. It could simply be installed on premises or on the cloud to provide some most advanced transportation facility within a country or for a particular demographic. Continue reading “How Software Testing Helps To Detect Bugs And Vulnerabilities”